BronzeHead is a funky, psyched-out Afrobeat band based in London. Over the past year, we’ve not only been developing our sound and our style. We’ve been getting to know each other as musicians and people. Our ten band members come from Australia, England, Nigeria, Spain, the US, and Zimbabwe, and we rehearse and gig regularly in East London.

Hackney’s diverse culture, politics, music, and late-night food help inform our lyrics, music, and vibe. We love Fela Kuti, but don’t play covers of his songs or any other Afrobeat artists. Not content to sound like pure Afrobeat or Highlife, we also draw on the influences of our respective homelands to create an original sound: true World Music for the 21st Century. We make original music that is a direct reflection of who we are and what we think, utilizing a powerful and hypnotic rhythm section, interwoven guitar and keyboard melodies, tight, punchy horns, and the tenacious vocals of frontman Kuron King.

The audio featured here includes several songs performed during a Spring 2011 gig at Hugo’s Speaker Palace in Northeast London. The songs featured are the up-tempo “Nomad’s Blues,” the laid-back Afrobeat style of “20 Minutes,” the Ethiopian jazz-influenced “Hemiphonic,” and our quick-paced eponymous song, “BronzeHead.” All of these songs came together in a typical BronzeHead way: through a combination of composition, improvisation, and debate during many hours spent in a cramped rehearsal space in Hackney.


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