Toronto is made up of many different villages. In the past, each played host to a different immigrant community. Today, you can hardly tell these areas apart from each other. Bloor West Village used to be Ukrainian, but has since since lost much of its original, eastern European character. Touted as a poster child for Canadian multiculturalism, it is conspicuously homogeneous, in a typically unmemorable sort of way.

As much as I am a supporter of cultural equality (I am a Jew who grew up in culturally self-conscious Montreal, which informs my perspective) I miss the absence of old world signifiers synonymous with older immigrant communities, like the one that used to exist here. How can we promote diversity without losing a sense of our particularity? This installment of the Time and Space series, of field recordings of Toronto, tries to get a grasp of the evolving identity of this neighborhood.

Photograph courtesy of jaleal. Published under a Creative Commons license.