Author: Mark Hahn and Kim Nicolini
Mark Hahn studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the College of Creative Studies in Detroit. Currently a resident of Tucson, Arizona, his work has appeared in a number of galleries there, including the Arts Eye Gallery, The Front Gallery, Metroform Ltd. Gallery, Rocket Gallery and Solar Culture Gallery. Nationally, he as also shown with the Peter Miller Gallery in Chicago as well as venues in New York and Los Angeles. His work has been mentioned in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, among other publications, and featured in In Fashion Magazine and Simon Doonan's book Confessions of a Window Dresser. His photography book, Beautiful Pointless Universe, is available through Kim Nicolini is an artist, poet and cultural critic living in Tucson, Arizona. Her writing has appeared in Bad Subjects, Punk Planet, CounterPunch and The Berkeley Poetry Review. She recently published her first book,Mapping the Inside Out, in conjunction with a solo gallery show by the same name.

We met Elvis in a mini-mart in Winkelman, Arizona last May. This one chance encounter changed the way we think about photographing people and opened our eyes to parts of the mining landscape we’ve been exploring as part of our Copper Belt Project that we hadn’t much considered before even though they were all around us. In this one afternoon, Elvis, bars and booze all came together to make us see things differently. (More…)

Television sets: almost every house has one. When we’re out in the mining towns of southern Arizona photographing the wreckage of the American Dream, there are some things that we always find. Refrigerators, beds, stoves, sofas, clothing, knickknacks, pots and pans sit in the abandoned houses scattered across the Copper Belt, ghosts of a domestic life once lived and now long gone. (More…)