Author: Mya Guarnieri
Mya Guarnieri is a Tel Aviv-based journalist and writer. She is a regular contributor to Al-Jazeera English, 972 Magazine, and The Huffington Post. Her work has appeared in The Guardian and The National. Guarnieri's fiction has been published in The Kenyon Review Online and Zeek, and has been featured as a story of the week in Narrative Magazine.

Sometimes I’m not sure what to call her. Is it Yafo? Or Jaffa? Then there is the old Arabic nickname, Urs al-Bahr, Bride of the Sea. Each word has its history. And each has its fate. (More…)

It was cold outside and pouring rain. The cafe was packed, upstairs and down. “It’s really a commune here, huh?” the woman next to me said as I sat down. I smiled, nodded, and asked if it would annoy her if I plugged my laptop in. The wire would run right behind her, grazing her back. “No problem,” she said. (More…)