Author: Rhianna Louise
Rhianna Louise manages Education and Outreach at ForcesWatch, a UK organisation that monitors and challenges militarisation and scrutinizes the ethics of armed forces recruitment practices. She studied studied translation and cultural difference at the University of Warwick. She has worked and volunteered for organisations involved in peacebuilding, conflict mediation and transformation, public health advocacy, and human rights campaigning.

Today, on Saturday, June 24th, Liverpool is hosting Armed Forces Day in Britain. Armed Forces Day is a relatively new occasion in the UK; it began as Veterans’ Day, in 2006, and was then renamed Armed Forces Day in 2009 in response to declining public support for the armed forces. Events take place across the UK (this year there are over 350), and local councils bid to host the national event – for which they receive a small amount of government funding and sponsorship, and also spend significant amounts of their own money. (More…)