Tag: Chemical Weapons

Although the past actions of the Department of Defense regarding this are presently uncertain, I am concerned with the possibility that the DoD could have withheld information concerning the exposure of US military personnel to nerve agents during their service in the Persian Gulf War. (More…)

Attacking Syria gets more surreal every day. The abstract nature of that debate, in the United States, as if somehow real lives, Syrian lives, were not hanging in the balance is appalling. And what is most starkly absent from the discussion is any apparent concern over a civil war that has already caused over 100,000 deaths, created some six million refugees and internally displaced persons and promises that the worst is yet to come. (More…)

UN inspectors are going to investigate allegations of a major chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians by the regime. It’s largely an exercise. The United States has already decided that the red line Obama drew many months ago has been crossed. That line is worth questioning. (More…)