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Throughout the refugee crisis, European news media has focused on Syrians, often at the expense of other significant groups of migrants. Among these are Afghans seeking asylum in the EU, who made up 15% of total applicants in 2016. Afghans were also the second largest refugee group by nationality and were the biggest before the Syrian Civil War.  (More…)

It’s hard to tell who is more alarmed by the prospect of Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee: Democrats or Republicans. Democrats are upset by Trump’s overt racism. Republicans worry that these things might make it hard to get him elected. (More…)

An image remains in my mind that encapsulates Turkey’s second election day this year. Especially within the pro-government AK Parti (AKP) strongholds of Istanbul, such as Beykoz. As we sat in the café of the regional elections centre, watching television, and waiting for the vote count to slowly arrive, every time a Turkish or Kurdish member of the left-wing HDP (People’s Democratic Party) delegation rose from their seat, the police in the room would laugh. (More…)

It has become obvious that Pakistan faces a massively turbulent future as a result of climate change. Most Pakistanis, especially in rural areas, are unfamiliar with the International Panel on Climate Change and its findings for South Asia, but they can tell what is going on.  (More…)

An op-ed  in Sunday’s New York Times, about renewed talk of U.S.-led war in Syria, illuminates the deep flaws of the government’s strategic thinking. Here are some choice quotes: (More…)