Tag: Utopianism

We’ve all seen them on social media. And we’ve all shared them. A photo or a cartoon posted with a message superimposed on it in big, white capital letters. Often it’s an in-joke, a piece of satire, or even a political statement. All memes really say one thing: share this post. (More…)

For the first time in my life time, there is a real choice at the ballot box. You can either vote for the destruction of public services, the death of the welfare state and the immiseration of the working class, or you can vote to put a stop to all of this. The right stands for misery and oppression. The left stands for hope and emancipation. (More…)

For a world without borders and jails.

As a generation that only knows the domination of capital, every day we roam the landscapes of a world that constantly declares its own justification. While the ubiquity of the commodity seems to repress poverty (as lack of the means of survival,) misery spreads (as dispossession of our dreams.) (More…)