Some might call it ‘post-dubstep’. Others might call it ‘8-bit IDM’, ‘post-dub minimalism’ or some other invented subgenre of dub-inspired electronica. Whatever genre one dreams up, I’ve been making it since I first began playing music in the mid-1980s. 

My experiments with dub were originally inspired by One Way System, one of the most critically acclaimed full-lengths by London’s legendary Dub Syndicate. Primed by the mix of reggae and punk in the late 1970s, Dub Syndicate’s music helped propel me from being a fan to being an artist.

From using bass and drum machines to playing laptops and iPads, I’ve spent my entire life trying to make the perfect dub-influenced electronic record. The Wire best summed up my music by describing it as having “…the kind of sharpness and clarity usually lost amid the murk and decay of clicks and cuts and digital delays.”

The following mix, recorded live in the studio in early March, is an exclusive journey through my work. Think of it as being what a dancehall selector might sound like performing one-time only dubplates.

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