Gun shows are easy to satirize. Arms manufacturers frequently use typically beautiful women to show off weaponry. Display booth and catalogue language is inevitably Orwellian. Every advertisement is rife with complex signifiers. Given the opportunity, a psychoanalyst would have a heart attack decoding industry messaging.

Souciant‘s Courtney Utt attended the biggest annual gun show in the world – appropriately titled SHOT – in January. Though she returned with a lot of great shots, the most curious were a series of paper target paintings made by the Belgian firmĀ PJL Targets. Featuring portraits of civilians bearing weapons, their style is unsettling. Equal parts video game and vintage socialist, they’re a big break from the norm.














Is this man an Arab? The beard is ambiguous.


A stylish woman target. An extra from The Baader-Meinhoff Complex?


Note the change from sidearms to M-16. It must mean he’s a gangsta.


Mice always make better targets than people. If you hate rodents.