The beat that I used for this piece is fairly simple. It frees me to experiment with interweaving quasi-contrapuntally melodic timbral elements into Vance Galloway‘s rhythmic guitar line, while complementing Bruce Bennett‘s keyboard solo. The basic component of the beat is a 3 against 2 polyrhythm divided between the right hand and the left foot. The left foot plays the 2 of the polyrhythm on the hi-hat pedal, while the right hand flows between the quasi- tribal sounds of the Korg Wavedrum, and a ride cymbal sound (as well as a few others) on the Roland SPD-S.

The patch used on the Roland employs a long waveform-phasing effect. There is one sampled loop occasionally triggered from the Roland in a 10/8 time signature. This was generated on my acoustic drum kit and further manipulated using Pro Tools multitrack editing software. In this context, the loop was only triggered for a second, as though it were a time-distorting special effect.  The Korg Wavedrum allows for a degree of subtle nuance in textural manipulation, something that was previously unavailable to me in the electronic idiom.

Respectable Citizen, live at Reed College. Portland, Oregon, June 2011.