“Drum and bass, dub, roots and culture.” To anyone used to shopping in Brixton Market, the loop is as familiar as a Jamaican patty. Recited for hours on end by a street rep equivalent for London’s University of Dub, the promoter has a lock on the genres the locals prefer, not to mention a rotating cast of first class artists to pitch.

Whether it’s regulars Abba Shanti (cited in this recording) or the Iration Steppas, the selection is usually excellent, and the recitation, worthy of a remix in its own right. Why no one has bothered to capture these adverts, and use them, remains astonishing. Especially if you know how many musicians live in the Brixton area, and hear them while grocery shopping.

Previously showcased in the Boombox feature Brixton Versus Oasis, the “drum and bass, dub, roots and culture” loop was captured unintentionally mashed up with two classic Oasis songs. This new recording is presented a cappella (vocal only,) without any musical accompaniment. A little over a minute long, its clarity makes the piece ideal for sampling.

Musical utility aside, it’s also simply a great monograph, highlighting one of Brixton’s best attributes: its sound. Not just the artists the neighborhood has produced, but the musical qualities integral to its identity.

Photograph and recording courtesy of Joel Schalit