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Leave it to late Khmer Rouge head Pol Pot to turn a high school into a prison. As though that weren’t an apt metaphor for the late dictator’s philosophy of education. After all, his regime is credited with popularizing the term re-education camp, following the death of a million Cambodians in such centers. A more formal detention facility, this picture was taken at Tuol Sleng in Phnom Penh. Now a museum, it has turned back into an educational space – teaching Cambodians about genocide.


These captured American aircraft have a particularly timeless quality to them. Some of them remain in daily use, such as the UH-1 Huey helicopter. The others, the F-5 Tiger and A-37 Dragonfly, though less familiar, still register, as both remain in service in several air forces. On display at Saigon’s War Remnants Museum, they’re relics of the last time the United States was officially defeated in combat. At least that’s the idea in showing them off, as reminders of the one-time limits of US power.

Of course it’s a fish auction. A tuna auction. Why does it feel as though everything in Japan comes off of a conveyor belt? Should I include the ocean? Don’t get me wrong. It’s part of the appeal. Nonetheless, it often feels as though at its very core, Japan will always be a factory, including its natural scenery. If it isn’t a Sony digital camera, or a Toyota Prius, it’s carefully arranged displays of tea leaves. Or, in this case, sushi to be. Row after roe, so to speak. Tsukiji Market, Tokyo, 2006.